Program Highlights for February 28 – March 5

“Clean Green Living” premiering on Channel 8 is a series hosted by Leslie Reichert who provides expert advice on how to live simpler, cleaner and greener lifestyle. Topics of discussion include food and recipes, cleaning products, indoor air quality and much more. In this episode, Leslie will demonstrate various techniques to remove stains from clothing, and how to make a home look cleaner. Also airing on Channel 8, “The Garage with Steve Butler” is a series in which Steve shares with you how to make fun projects without fancy tools. In this episode, Steve utilizes discarded lumber to create a unique cafe style table.


All government meetings are also available on the internet. Follow the links on the right side of the page. Town committee meetings are available on Town Hall Streams and School meetings are on our YouTube channel.


Program Highlights for February 21– February 27

“The Veterans Forum” is a series hosted by WW2 veteran Bob Stevens in which he interviews veterans from any service, and then provides these videos to the Library of Congress for the Veterans History Project. This episode airing on Channel 8 features William Rolke who served as a First Class Private from 1942 to 1946, and was assigned to the 44th Infantry in Normandy for which he was awarded a bronze medal for his service to our country. Airing on Channel 8, “Peak Moment” a series in which host Janaia Donaldson interviews grass roots entrepreneurs who are exploring locally reliant lifestyles to meet these challenging times. In this episode Dave Pollard, author of the blog “How To Save the World”, offers his thoughts on relearning some of the skills of our grandparents, including growing foods organically, making our own clothes, fixing things ourselves, and living in communities.